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Springtime Snow

A few snowy scenes from Conalter Kennels:

bridge charlie wee suzie jacket dog

night time

The dynamic duo

dynamic duo

Charlie’s annual haircut

Amazing how a haircut can take years off you…. Charlie (nearly 13) looks like a youngster again!  Angus has also been done, but he just looks like a well groomed gent.  The teddy was not clipped!charlie haitcut2017

Suzi Quatro is here

                                   Meet the latest member of our doggy family – Suzi Quatro – a miniature dachshund!

Meet the latest member of our doggy family - Suzi Quatro - a miniature dachshund!

Belle comes back for a visit

Belle, one of the litter of Dachshund/Jack Russell cross that was born here over the summer, has returned as her new owners are away on holiday.
A lovely little girl if very excitable.

Here she is making new friends with a lazy Angus:


Puppies no more!

Lola Belle’s puppies have gone to their forever homes.  Loved having them here…..I’m sure their new families will love them just as much. cute puppy

Big Boy Bosun

Big Bosunn one of the Newfoundlands (the other being big Wallace) that come in every day for doggie day care. They stay in what used to be a pig pen many, many moons ago. We love having them here and you’d easily mistake them for a pair of bears on first sight.  They even sound like bears when they bark!


Summer Puppies

Lola Belle our resident Jack Russell had 6 little puppies 4 weeks ago. They are Jack Russell/Dachshund cross so a litter of Jackshunds!


Gina Girl

Gina enjoying the years first snowfall.
Summer or winter, Conalter dogs are happy dogs!


Lovely boy

Typical cocker spaniel – in full flow…. ears flapping in the wind!

Conalter Kennels

Conalter Kennels