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Springtime Snow

A few snowy scenes from Conalter Kennels:

bridge charlie wee suzie jacket dog

night time

Belle comes back for a visit

Belle, one of the litter of Dachshund/Jack Russell cross that was born here over the summer, has returned as her new owners are away on holiday.
A lovely little girl if very excitable.

Here she is making new friends with a lazy Angus:


Big Boy Bosun

Big Bosunn one of the Newfoundlands (the other being big Wallace) that come in every day for doggie day care. They stay in what used to be a pig pen many, many moons ago. We love having them here and you’d easily mistake them for a pair of bears on first sight.  They even sound like bears when they bark!


Summer Puppies

Lola Belle our resident Jack Russell had 6 little puppies 4 weeks ago. They are Jack Russell/Dachshund cross so a litter of Jackshunds!


Gina Girl

Gina enjoying the years first snowfall.
Summer or winter, Conalter dogs are happy dogs!