About Us

Conalter Kennels first opened in 1994 as a  gundog training and boarding facility, run by the internationally recognised authority on gundog training, James Douglas. After a short pause the present facility re-opened in 2010 and is run by a member of James’ family, Shena Hogg.

Shena has more than 30 years experience of looking after dogs of all shapes and sizes.  She has owned and bred spaniels, Labradors and terriers. She is now the owner of  a miniature dachshund and a cavachon. As Shena says "Always had fairly large dogs, but with Angus' passing I seem to have downsized!

 “I can’t imagine life without a dog.  Dogs have always  been a big part of my  life, whether I need an excuse to go for a walk or just want the comfort of a dog to snuggle on my lap!“

At Conalter our ethos is simple: we really care about the dogs we look after and want to provide high quality facilities for them. But beyond that, we want the dogs we have in our care to actually enjoy staying with us! We love it when they jump out of the car and run right up to us, tails wagging in anticipation of their stay.



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